All through my life I have found resources from best motivational speakers, transformational authors, psychologists, religious and spiritual people who helped me find my way and to discover who I was. I can tell you that the only purpose in life we have is to become who we are destined to be, to work in our passion and to provide a service to the world.
Many years ago I discovered that all the material things come in to our life when we have done 4 important things:
First we need to be which led me to discover who I was, to accept, love, heal and become.
Second, we need to do, which led me to discover what I love to do, my talents. We all come to this Earth with a special talent and that talent is the one that is going to help us to bring prosperity in our lives. Sometimes that hidden talent is something that we acquire when we are sick or we discover as a result of a challenge or a disease . Sometimes it is something that has leave a mark inside our soul and is such an experience that we remember all of our lives. Sometimes we need to heal but that healing if we accept it with love, will lead us to an amazing future and it will depend on how we use it when the abundance will come to us.
Third to have. After we have done all of our work, we will have the material things we desire. But it is very important how we use our minds, our feelings, and specially our thoughts to magnetize what we want and the abundance will come to us.
Here are some examples of resources that I am enlisting in the site. Stop by more often to discover how to stay positive and to have the lives of your dreams.

Just remember that even when we are knock down, we need to get up and keep moving forward working on our dreams

One thing you need to need to be sure, that even things look bad and the days dark, you need to keep on going and Never give up on your dreams.

Affirmations, visualizations, meditation and simply being happy and positive Will change your life. Happiness is a choice and every choice comes with a consequence, a positive or a negative result. So choose wisely every time, take care of your thoughts, of your feelings, of the things that you watch on TV, the music that you hear because everything has a vibration and we emanate vibration. We will create positive results if we are positive and negative when we are pessimist.


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