Monika Weber:

How pleased I am in reading your book, is full of wisdom. I just read it and I’m surprised all you’ve said and I had not noticed it. C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S!! ..

México. D.F.

Sonia Carrillo

Discovering who you are, nurturing, accepting and, loving yourself, are chapters that we must necessarily learn in our lives if we are looking for improvement and self-growth. The Adventure of Being is a book for all people involved in this quest. It provides a clear and concise tools for a full and happy life.
It is a very simple book to rea. However, the depth of it’s content invites you to enjoy every chapter, to stop and mediate in the meaning of a phrase and It Invites you to start your adventure towards a better self.

México. D.F.

Anthony Fernando

Wow, what a book, I am so surprised that you could write such a positive life changing book.
The essence is very simple and easy to understand and read. It is not boring, nor repetitive. It covers many religious philosophies. It is very interesting to read and towards the end of the chapter: experience a moment with yourself is wonderful.
One will know the power of positivity after reading the book, It is a very life changing book, I infarct I feel rejuvenated and the last words you use, ” you and He are one” are just amazing!
Your loving brother Anthony


Joseph Polansky

“The truths of life, simply stated, in ways that everyone can understand”
CEO & President at Malchitsedek Productions, Florida


This review is from: The Adventure of Being: self-knowledge through life experiences (Paperback)

The Adventure of Being is a simple book on the truth about life and how we control our destiny by how we view life and live life.

The author has done a great job at presenting her ideas and all readers can take away something magnificent from this book.

Great Read!!

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