Find the Answer from Within

Chapter 6

The Adventure of Being

In the dark of the night and in my solitude, I heard a voice inside me.

  • “Who are you?” He asked.

Not knowing whose voice was, I replied, “I do not know. I’m not sure. I know I’m living, but I don’t know the reason for my existence. I know I have only problems and stress during my days.”

  • “So, where’s your treasure?”, The voice asked again.

I replied. I have it in my family, my work and my possessions.

  • “And what is the purpose of your existence?” The voice continued.

“Death, I replied. This death that haunts me every day reflected in this world full of evil, suffering and pain.”

  • “My son, the voice continued. You must not fear. Find your essence within. Find your wealth within because that’s where you’ll find your value. Not in material things.”

“And after finding it, you will know the answers of the world around you. You will know who you really are, and you will know where you’re going.”

“Put your treasure where it belongs. Put your hope and your faith within. You will know how great you are.”

page 35. The Adventure of Being by Kinsky

Photo by Axel Bobert on Unsplash


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