Monica was born in Mexico City and lived there till 1997. Since she was a little girl she always had the dream to write. When she was 6 years old and after a hard experience she started to listen to her “Spiritual Guides and Teachers”, who have being present through all her life.
At the end of 2011, Monica wanted to promote the book in the United States and she published the third Edition of “The Adventure of Being” in Spanish.
Like her mentors and guides have mentioned to Monica, all of the knowledge she receives from them, she needs to live through her life, and after she has lived all the experiences and figures out on how to find the answer in solving her life, is when “Kinsky” writes all the experiences in a deep and profound manner so she can share her experiences and knowledge she has learned from life, and this has been the process of 20 years.

One of Monica’s characteristics is her positivism, faith, her love for life and knowledge, and her eagerness to move forward no matter what circumstances she has lived, has helped her heal her life.
Monica has learned philosophy (eastern and western), meditation, yoga, tai chi, assisted many self-help seminars and read many books of great authors that has helped her balance her life.


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