Monica (KINSKY), a versatile, creative, positive, open-minded transformational author, graphic designer, and teacher. She was born in Mexico. Monica/Kinsky fluent in English/ Spanish who has written The Adventure of Being in Spanish and in English. She was bestowed with “La Aventura del Ser” in 1993 at when she was just 25 years old. In her book, Kinsky describes her journey of self-discovery to find the true meaning of becoming. It took her many years of practice after she received the message. Ediluz published this message in Mexico City. Ediluz printed the second edition in 1997 to continue spreading the message in Mexico. Monica/ Kinsky’s life changed when she married and came to live in America.

In 2008, after ten years of marriage, she encountered another challenge. She got divorce and started raising her two sons by herself. In 2012, after moving from California and settling down in Arizona. Monica/Kinsky faced the decision of writing the book in English “The Adventure of Being”. Her decision of writing the book in English is to spread the message to America and the world. Her life as a single mother was challenging. She had to pause her dream as a writer to provide for her sons. She has worked as a Spanish/Art teacher and as a World Language Teacher to provide for her now teenage sons.

Now that her two sons are older, her dream of promoting “The Adventure of Being” emerged once again. Monica/Kinsky rewrote the book and publish the third edition in English.

One of Monica’s characteristics is her positivism, faith, her love for life and knowledge, and her eagerness to move forward no matter what circumstances she has lived, has helped her heal her life.
Monica has learned philosophy (eastern and western), meditation, yoga, tai chi, assisted many self-help seminars and read many books of great authors that has helped her balance her life.



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